New v3.4 release for Beryllium (POCO F1)!

This update features the following device side changelog:

  • Improved background apps management, no more apps being killed in background
  • Updated CNE, IMS, QMI, and RIL blobs from pyxis 21.3.31
  • Implemented dynamic thermal profiles
  • Updated blobs from MIUI China Stable V12.0.3.0 
  • Added powerhints for Extreme Battery Saver
  • Switch to correct boot partition size
  • Enabled Stereo channel support for voip over audio path
  • Enabled incall music support
  • Fixed the zram init process
  • No more brightness curve from Marlin
  • Minimum brightness goes to as low as the panel can possibly go
  • Kernel upstreamed to 4.9.273
  • Kernel now uses SLMK
  • Bumped up wireguard version
  • And many more changes

Download the build today!

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