March, Cygnus 4.0 release features and info!

We have worked hard, a lot, and here we present to you Cygnus 4.0 based on Android 12! This release comes after so much pain and effort, and we are sure you are going to love it!

Here is the changelog for this update:

  • Based on CAF’s latest A12 sources
  • Safetynet pass fixes are in the ROM source
  • Custom Monet implementation, thanks kdrag0n!
  • 3 Fingers Screenshot!
  • Battery Styles and customisations! ( Circle, dotted etc. )
  • Advanced reboot menu ( It also follows monet! )
  • Lockscreen charging info
  • Beautiful ripple animations
  • And much more!

Builds will be dropping for your devices soon! Or ask you device maintainers to build! Stay tuned 😉

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