May, Cygnus 5.0 release and features!

This update nuked our brains and took an insanely long time to put together! We bring to you our possible largest update yet!

Here is the changelog for this release:

  • Rebased to Android 12.1
  • Added AppLock
  • Added Face Unlock
  • Added special QS UI designed by us
  • Revamped Spaceship looks
  • New charging animation
  • Added font customisation
  • Added icon shape customisation
  • Added icon pack customisation
  • Added battery styles customisation
  • Lockscreen charging works better
  • Changed layout of Battery Settings
  • Imported Pixel based battery usage graph
  • Added face based auto rotate
  • Combined Internet and Wifi section in settings
  • Enhanced battery prediction
  • Fixed emergency button on lock screen
  • Remove redundant UI components
  • Sensitive info such as IMEI is hidden by default
  • RAM and Model in info section
  • ROM compiled with SDclang ( Qualcomm optimised clang )
  • And much, much more, which I leave to the users to find!

What are you waiting for!? Download the builds for your devices up here!

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