A Quick Intro!

CygnusOS. A project started by a group of friends, who weren’t satisfied with the stock Android OS experience and nor the heavily themed OEM skins, and they made this thing come true.

This project is based on CAF, now you might ask, what is it? Why use it? And hundreds of other questions, to which we have a simple answer: CAF is AOSP itself, but on steroids!

CAF is Qualcomm’s own optimisations on top of the stock Android made by Google, and because of them, ROMs based on CAF tend to be much more faster and offer longer battery life as compared to their AOSP counterparts. Enough about CAF, why us?

We like to have a proper Material Design, on top of a speedy base, and that is visible throughout our design aesthetics. From Settings app, to blurs and Quick Settings, everything is designed with Material Design Guidelines to give you a beautiful experience, while not deviating from Android itself.

We always stay on the latest CAF tags, add optimisations from mainline Android ( Yes, the master Android branch from where new Android versions are made ) and much, much more. We love a smooth experience, hence we automated most of our developer side workflow as well! You all might see a CI status dashboard in the upcoming days!

So, that’s all, we would love to hear from you in the comments down below!

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