January, v3.0 release changelog!

After a long wait from Android 10’s last update, we are back with Cygnus 3.0 based on Android 11! This time we bring loads of UI changes, speedy optimisations and more!

Here is the list pf features for the Initial Release of Cygnus based on Android 11:

• Custom UI inspired from OneUI
• Advanced power Menu
• Modified blurs across the whole UI
• Lockscreen charging details
• Multiple device accent options
• Different fonts selections
• 3 finger screenshots
• Many pixel specific features:

  • Extreme battery saver
  • Pixel 5 overlays for QS etc
  • PixelMigrate
  • Suggestion Provider

• Custom dark theme
• Pixel charging animation
• Your avatar in search bar
• Enhanced battery prediction
• Better Global Actions Menu
• Face Unlock

And many more things on a CAF base! What are you waiting for? Download Cygnus for your devices today!

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