New v3.1 release for Violet (Redmi Note 7 Pro)!

The update features the following device side changelog:

• Introduced Violet Parts
• Frames per second(FPS) info overlay
• USB fast charge up to 900ma
• MI sound enhancer(DIRAC)
• Vibration intensity controller
• Clear Speaker
• Display Color Calibration(KCAL) in parts
• Revamp parts icon to match other icons
• Made boot animation faster
• Improved SQLite performance system-wide
• Decrease minimal brightness level to 1
• Fixed Infrared(IR)
• Safetynet passes by default
• Reduce target screen density to 410/smallest width to 421dp
• Switched to dynamic stune boost
• Reduced display rendering latency in DRM and KGSL
• Improvements on fingerprint speeds
• Scheduler latency improvements
• Misc optimizations and and stability fixes

Download the build today!

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