March, v3.2 release features and info!

Another new month, and we are back with a brand new release with all that you guys asked for! This update includes new patches, customizations, UI and much more!

  • Merged latest LA.QSSI.11.0.r1-10700-qssi.0 tag
  • Fixed scrolling while 3 finger screenshots
  • Re-arranged spaceship customizations
  • Added all new battery icons styles:

– Circle

– Filled circle

– Dotted circle

– Text

– Hidden

  • Ability to toggle battery percentage views
  • New animations for 3 finger to screenshot tutorial
  • Safety-net passes for everyone by default!
  • All new QS icons
  • New QS panel design
  • Better appearance of music player in QS
  • Improved blur handling
  • Extremely improved background app management
  • Speed up the screenshot UI
  • And many more!

What are you waiting for? Download the builds for you devices today!

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