New v3.4 release for Lavender (Redmi Note 7)!

This update features the following device changelog:

Common Tree:

  • sdm660-common: Update blobs from jasmine V11.0.28.0.QDIMIXM
  • sdm660-common: Build minijail service for imsrtpservice
  • sdm660-common: configs: Update org.codeaurora.ims permissions
  • sdm660-common: Update qti-telephony-common from LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-04100-89xx.0
  • sdm660-common: Update graphics blobs from taimen RP1A.201005.004
  • sdm660-common: Adjust TAStuneboost init value
  • sdm660-common: Add proximityCheckOnWake

Lavender Specific Tree:

  • lavender: Convert properties into vendor.prop
  • lavender: Use AOSP default vibrator pattern 
  • NOTE:- Switched to common tree based on P404. So clean flash is a must if you’re coming from previous build.

Download the build up here today!

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