October, Cygnus 3.5 release features and info!

It is the time of the month again, and we are here with the new Cygnus 3.5 release! This update brings loads of under-the-hood improvements, CAF tag upgrades and some much requested customizations from you all!

Here is the changelog for this update:

  • Added network speed indicator
  • Fixed theme reset for some users after reboot
  • Added new fonts:
    • Victor
    • Manrope
    • Sam and more
  • Added new icon shapes
  • Google Photos should recognize device as Pixel XL and allow original quality uploads ( Google might patch this anytime, no guarantees )
  • Default minimum refresh rate for multiple refresh rate devices is now at 60Hz
  • Added ability to reset battery stats from Settings app
  • Added OnePlus camera support
  • Can disable display refresh rate lowering in battery saver
  • Some more improvements at the OS level for Display services handling
  • Added some icons from Android 12!
  • Merged new CAF tag
  • And much more!

What are you waiting for? Download the Cygnus v3.4 builds from up here today!

Also, Cygnus 3.x is now put into LTS, this means that even though Android 12 is out, you will still get updates for Android 11 for another year! Expect UI redesign and new CAF tags and more in monthly updates. But Android 12 will be our prime priority from now on 😀

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